Promoters and the Blowout Well

It has come to our attention that some oil promoters seeking investment capital to drill wells in the general vicinity of the "Howard-White Blowout" have cited that well, or cited this website, or otherwise referenced Pryor Oil Co., Inc. in materials regarding their drilling programs.

Pryor Oil Co., Inc. and its principals are not in any way associated or affiliated with these promoters, and have not authorized their use of its name, its website, or any documents or information generated by Pryor Oil Co., Inc. concerning the Howard-White well. Pryor Oil Co., Inc. and its principals expressly disavow any statements or inferences made by such promoters with respect to the "blowout well" and their drilling proposals.

Pryor Oil Co., Inc. ultimately sold the Howard-White lease, including the "blowout well", to help pay legal expenses in its litigation with the EPA. The buyer, Lone Star Oil & Gas, Inc., attempted to re-enter the well but ultimately plugged and abandoned it. They drilled a new well 75 feet from the "blowout well". It was a dry hole. Some promoters fail to mention this.